If you couldn't work because of illness or an accident, or were made redundant could you afford to live in your home?

How would you pay your mortgage or rent and other related costs and make sure that your bank or landlord couldn't throw you out?

Right now you’re healthy and working and it’s easy to think it won’t happen to you. But for many families it does, and it costs you very little to be prepared.

The Government provides only limited help and you may not receive any payments towards your mortgage until 9 months after you claim. That could be too late.

Protecting your home against unexpected unemployment is simple and cheap. For a small monthly payment insurers will agree to pay a regular amount to cover your mortgage or rent and other costs like endowments and insurance. Why risk your home for a few pounds a month?

At MG Homes and Financial we have searched the insurance market for you and carefully selected the insurers that provide the best value, flexibility and service. Some of these policies are not available direct to the public.

Why not see how easy it is to buy security and peace of mind at a great price.

Contact us now to see what we could offer you from the market.